Think you can spot a bogan? Perhaps not so easily as you thought…

According to a new book, Things Bogan Like, the breed has evolved from being distinguished by mullets, singlets and utes and are now much harder to spot.

The book, based on a website, is an extensive list of everything bogan and is helpfully compiled by “hipster snobs” E Chas McSween, Enron Hubbard, Flash Johnson, Hunter McKenzie-Smyth, Intravenus DeMilo and Michael Jayfox.

Here’s a short list of things bogans like, taken from the website:

1. Tramp Stamps
For the female bogan, a tramp stamp acquires gravitas and respect through superficial means.

2. Tribal tattoos
To mark the bogan as a “warrior” and allow them to think they are culturally and artistically aware.

3. SMS Speak

4. Their Children on Facebook
Their offspring dancing, playing, vomiting, laughing, crying, crawling, walking, shitting, eating and looking cute. All. Over. Facebook.

5. Personalised Numberplates
Like a car’s tramp stamp. Examples inlcude WTABUZ, 2HOT4Uand COPB8.

6. Plus-Size Models
The bogan is getting fatter and wants to look at people “just like me”.

7. Freedom of Speech
The bogan is proud to be uninformed, impulsive, and vulgar, and it can’t wait to exercise its divine entitlement to tell everyone all about it.

8. Commercial Radio
So the bogan can feel like it’s at the club all the time.

9. Self Help Books

For just $29.95, Bogans cannot resist the allure of getting rich and achieving inner peace.

10. Footpaths Outside Nightclubs
A second home, where they drink, smoke, fight, vomit and eventually pass out.

Hmm, to be honest, most of that list sounds pretty good to us!