Tickets up for grabs will include athletics, track cycling and, most prestigiously, the Danny Boyle-directed Opening Ceremony itself. 

The Olympic ticketing process, though intended to give everyone equal opportunity to get hold of tickets for the events they want, has left many people empty handed. Those who were unsuccessful in both of the two first sales windows though get priority at this exclusive 24-hour opportunity. 

Any remaining tickets will be on sale for five days to 1.2million people who missed out in the first ballot but did not apply in the second. 

An Olympics organiser Locog spokesman has said: “When tickets go back on sale in April, we always said that our priority would be the 1.2million who applied and were unsuccessful in last year’s ticketing process.  

So if you got tickets in either one of the first two ballots though, or didn’t apply at all during them, then your luck is out. 

Photo: Getty.