Residents are taking control of their areas by fighting back and arranging riot clean-ups on Facebook and Twitter.

Some parts of London and other are littered with the debris of three nights of rioting.

In Dalston, east London, there were reports that members of the Turkish community took to the streets to scare off rioters.

They were described as heroes last night on social networking sites like Twitter.

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The hashtag #riotcleanup is now the top trending topic on Twitter.

@lucypepper tweeted: “It's #riotcleanup that is sticking it to the man, in a good way. @Riotcleanup ppl, we're proud of you.”

Comic @DaveGorman said: “Went to bed depressed by the news. Now feeling strangely emotional as I read about @riotcleanup #riotcleanup Amazing.” has also been created with meet-up times to begin the clean-up in local areas.

@riotcleanup, tweeted: "If they do this again. We do this again tomorrow. Solidarity for our communities. Show them they cannot win."