Footage of Ashraf Rossli, 20, who lay injured after being assaulted by rioters, before being helped to his feet by two men who proceeded to steal items from his bag, appalled the world.

Rossli had only been in the UK a month before the incident, which happened in Barking during last summer’s London riots.

John Kafunda, 22, of Ilford and Reece Donovan, 24, of Romford, were found guilty of robbery, and theft respectively, at Wood Green Crown Court.

The pair was also found guilty of violent disorder.

The jury is still deliberating whether Donovan is guilty of robbery.

The men’s actions were captured on a mobile phone and posted on YouTube.

Rossli told the court a portable Sony PlayStation games console and 10 games were taken, valued at £500.

“I knew they were stealing from me but I could do nothing,” he said.

“I was sat on the pavement with blood pouring from my mouth.

“I remember being approached by a male who asked if I was OK. I remember being pulled to my feet, then I felt someone again tugging at my rucksack.

“I was not in a position to defend myself and was still suffering from the effects of being hit. Once they had taken what they wanted they left.”