Riots and looting spread across London last night as Hackney, Croydon, Clapham and Peckham were hit by violence.

Gangs of masked youths rioted across London, looting shops indiscriminately, setting fire to buildings and vandalising cars and property.

Scotland Yard said 44 officers were injured during last night’s riots and that the police received almost 20,800 999 calls, 400 per cent more than usual.

Here's what happened in pictures during last nights riots

aftermath of third nights of riots
Police patrol the streets in Clapham Junction.

london riots in clapham
The morning after the third night of the London riots in Clapham Junction.

aftermath in clapham junction
Damage in Clapham Junction the morning after riotting. 

Car burnt after third night of london riots
The third night of riots throughout the capital left a car burnt in Ealing Green.

riots in ealing
The aftermath of the third night of riots reveals a scorched shopfront in Ealing, one of the latest boroughs overrun by rioters.

onlookers in croydon during london riots
Onlookers watch as a shop burns down in Croydon.

firefighters put out fire in croydon
Firefighters work to put out a fire in Croydon after shops are ignited during the riots.

furniture store burned down in south croydon
A furniture store burns in the horizon in South Croydon.

third night of riots and youth throwing rocks in peckham
Groups of rioters throw rocks at police in Peckham.

damaged pawn shop after riots
A woman looks at the damage of a pawn shop after looters broke into the shop.

police protect themselves with riot shields
Police protect themselves with riot shields during the third night of violence in London.

looters break into store at clapham junction
During the third night of the London riots, onlookers survey the aftermath after looters broke into a store on Clapham High Street.

clapham looters
Rioters break into a store in Clapham.

rioters in hackney during london riots
Rioters storm the streets of Hackney in East London.

looters vandelizing storefront in Hackney
Looters vandelize storefronts in Hackney.

youth in front of car burning in hackney
A young man stands in front of a burning vehicle in Hackney during the third night of the riots.