Fed up with violence and rioting, London residents have resorted to patrolling the streets to protect their communities.

In Enfield, north London, groups of residents totalling around 300, walked the streets late into Tuesday night to take a stand against the riots.

Enfield was badly affected by rioting on Monday night, and a Sony warehouse was set on fire. Frustrated with the lack of action from police, locals decided to take a stand themselves.

Nick Davidson, one of the residents on patrol, told Sky News: "We've had enough of the police just standing there… while people are looting and ruining the whole area.

"Everybody here pays tax and we've all had enough of it. We're sickened by the police doing absolutely nothing.

"They're not policing our streets, we have to police them."

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Another resident, Matt Skooly, 39, told Sky News: "We've been cheered by pedestrians, other local people and the police cheered us on as well.

"Hopefully this is going to cap it, this is the last of the kids coming out like thugs and wrecking stuff, we'll look after our own streets in a responsible way."

Over 700 men, some in their eighties, also took to the streets last night in Southall, west London to protect houses, business and places of worship.

But Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Kavanagh warned against forming vigilante groups.

He told Sky News: “What I don't need is these so-called vigilantes, who appeared to have been drinking too much and taking policing resources away from what they should have been doing – which is preventing the looting.

"These are small pockets of people. They're frustrated, they're angry, and that's totally understandable.

"The sadness of those images through the night and the night before last will affect everyone.

"But the support that we need is to allow those officers to prevent looting and prevent crime.

"Ironically, when you see those images with no police available, the police are now having to go and do the vigilantes as well as the other problems that they've got. That needs to stop."