Riots spread across London last night as a second wave of violence, looting and vandalism moved from Tottenham across and Enfield and Brixton, leaving 35 police injured and 100 arrested.

Police are calling the riots "copycat criminal activity" and have said they are e shocked at the levels of "disgraceful violence" directed towards them.

Riots began in Tottenham on Saturday night, following the shooting by police of 29-year-old Mark Duggan.

On Sunday night the riots spread, appearing to be part of an orchestrated plan, mobilised by Twitter and Blackberry’s instant messaging service, BBM.

In Brixton, shops including JD Sports, Halfords and Curry’s were looted, building vandalised and police attacked.

Here’s what happened in pictures.

Tottenham riots

Tottenham riots
Angry protesters clashed with police in Tottenham on Saturday night after Mark Duggan, 29, was shot dead by police during an attempted arrest

Tottenham riots - Saturday night
Buildings burn on Tottenham High Road as riots gathered force

London riots shops looted
Vehicles, including police cars were set alight in Tottenham, north London

Streets of Tottenham on fire
Tottenham residents survey scenes of chaos after riots led to the destruction of much of the main shopping area

Tottenham riots: smashing and looting of shops was rife

Tottenham riots - a shop destroyed

London riots kicked off over the weekend
Buildings smoulder on Tottenham High St. on Sunday morning, after rioting continued through the night

Tottenham riots: burned building

Tottenham riots: Sunday morning

Brixton riots

Brixton riots on Saturday night
On Sunday night, riots spread to Brixton, south London in what police called a wave of "copycat violence"

A man is arrested during the Brixton riots
Men are detained in Brixton after gangs of youths looted shops

Looting of shops in Brixton

Brixton riots - shops were looted
Police officers stand on Brixton High Street as the riots that started in Tottenham spread across the capital

Brixton riots