Londoners have a love/hate relationship with the tube. Sure, the Underground is great if you’ve got a penchant for an imbroglio of body odours, but you can all but guarantee the time you need it to be on time, your line will be suspended.

The Tube is like humanity condesended – you can find the best and worst of mankind on display there 24/7.

From the wanker banker who stands in front of the doors while everyone tries to get off, to the mother trying to teach her toddler how clouds work.

Some little tinkers, clearly feeling that tube passengers were in need of cheering, took it upon themselves to cunningly modify all those little signs we see on the tube everyday.

It’s probably very naughty and illegal and things, but then again, so are loads of things… actually we’d better not say, lest we get an email from someone saying we’re condoning something that we ought not to.

Image via Getty