The comparison of these two world-class cities comes as the number of Aussies visiting the UK has fallen, so there were fewer around to celebrate the big day on the 26th January this year.

So, how do these two top cities stack up against each other, and would we be better off living Down Under?

London is renowned for its culture, fashion and rich history, while Sydney is known world-wide for its beautiful beaches, warm weather and great food scene, so deciding on the winner is no mean feat to say the least.

Interesting questions to ponder include: How do London and Sydney’s property prices compare? How does the British Marmite obsession compare to the Aussie’s love of Vegemite? Are foxes or possums the biggest pests?

Well here is an infographic to help you decide:

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Andy Washington, managing director of commented: “Australia and Britain have a fiercely competitive, but good-humored relationship. With so many family links, as well as the large numbers of Australian’s moving to the UK over the years for career opportunities and large numbers of Brits moving to Australia for the sunny climate, or the trip of a lifetime, there are plenty of travellers switching hemispheres.”

We’re happy to say that the UK will at least be expecting a large influx of Aussies ahead of this summer’s Ashes series, as well as the Rugby World Cup.

Which city do you think comes out top?