The 32-year-old from Greenwich said the manager of the Agra Mahal hotel had knocked on her door at 3.45am saying he wanted to give her an oil massage.

She said: “I refused and asked him to leave but he was insistent. I had to push him out with the door, and then I bolted the door. He remained outside my door trying to get in with his keys until 5am. I was shouting at him to stop harassing me, I told him I wanted him to go. “I was too scared to leave my room as he was waiting outside. I was kicking the door and shouting for help but no one came.”

The woman said another man, believed to be a hotel security guard, joined the manager outside her room after 45 minutes and also tried to get in, reports the Evening Standard. Afraid of being assaulted, the woman eventually decided to try and leap to safety, suffering hairline fractures to her legs.

She then took a rickshaw to a police station. “I ran into the road but no one would stop. I begged him [the rickshaw driver] to take me to the tourist police station. A man approached him and tried to make him bring me back to the hotel. So I jumped out of the rickshaw and ran some more. The driver caught up with me and said he understood and took me to the police station.

The hotel manager, Sachin Johan, and his guard were later arrested. Both deny the claims of sexual harassment, and Johan told police he had simply intended to wake the woman as she had requested a call at 4am to catch an early train.

Around 25,000 rapes are reported in India every year, and the incident comes just days after a Swiss tourist on a cycling trip was gang-raped by up to eight men in front of her husband in central India.

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