Over half (69%) of London workers feel the weight of their workload is too great to justify a full hour long lunch break, a new study has revealed.

The survey conducted by L’atelier des Chefs of almost 500 Londoners has found that a third (34%) of office workers believe that taking their full hour long lunch break is frowned upon by their company. Further results from the survey show that 25% opted to take their lunch break twice a fortnight, while 15% only take it twice a month.

Rather Londoners are increasingly feeling the pressure to carry on throughout their lunch hour. Some people even choose to dine ‘al desko’, with half (50%) remaining at their desk when they do take their lunch break rather than heading outside. This is despite the fact that we all know that staring at your computer screen for up to nine hours a day while absent-mindedly reaching for the odd bite of a cheese sandwich in-between typing does not boost our creativity or brain health.  

Of the people that do like to take their full hour lunch break, many just pop to their local sandwich shop, rather than varying what they do each day. 

Busy days at the office are also having an affect on eating habits once people finish working. With almost four million employees in London now working at least 48 hours a week, time is limited to make a proper meal. This led to 56% of the study deciding to opt for a quick dinner – such as a takeaway – in the evening.