TV dance star Ola Jordan launched the research this week by unveiling the world’s first ever vending machine powered by the bad weather. The machine offers Vitamin D-rich foods to help the public get their boost during the gloomy winter months.

And it sounds like you lot need it.

Bradford and Sheffield residents topped the poll to find the most fed-up people in Britain, with 62% getting the hump during the dark winter months.

Liverpudlians were a close third with 61%, followed by Londoners on 54%, according to the study by Kellogg’s.

The cereal brand carried out the research ahead of the clocks going back this weekend, as the nation gets ready to tackle the coldest winter ever predicted in Britain.

It found more than half of all Brits say they’re moodier in the winter with six out of ten claiming their friends and family are grumpier too.

Meanwhile, almost half  find it harder to get out of bed during this period, plus nearly a quarter of us do less exercise and 34% even cancel social events because they’re feeling so grumpy.

Kellogg’s quizzed 2,000 people from across Britain to uncover our attitudes during the dark and dingy winter months, and to look at our understanding of the relationship between sunlight, mood and food.

The results also revealed that 37% of Brits have no idea that certain foods can give you a vitamin D boost in bad weather. They should head to Brighton Pier, where the vending machine has been installed. Every time it gets cloudy the device dispenses a free bowl of Corn Flakes, which are fortified with vitamin D.

The top 10 cities are (in order of grumpiest):

Joint 1st – Bradford and Sheffield

3nd – Liverpool

4th – London

5th – Edinburgh

6th – Birmingham

7th – Manchester

8th – Leeds

Joint 9th – Bristol and Glasgow