The study, organised by Ladbrokes Bingo, has revealed that those on the dating scene in London are fond of a tipple – and they’re not averse to a cheeky snog on the first date…

Of the 2,000 people interviewed, 42% would like to go for drinks on a first date, and don’t worry about bringing along some wilting flowers or melting chocolates – over 83% of people said that they wouldn’t expect to receive a gift. However, don’t invite someone round to your house for a first date – less than 1% of people interviewed would be happy with that.

In terms of who buys the drinks and food, equality rules OK – nearly 54% of people would expect the bill to be split fairly.

Good news if you’d like a kiss at the end of the night – if they fancy you, nearly 60% of people are up for a snog, and nearly 52% would be happy to come home with their date for a night cap. Don’t get too excited, though – less than a quarter of people interviewed will do the no-pants dance on a first date.

Image credit: Thinkstock