Fifty-five percent of Londoners polled in a recent survey by My Voucher Codes, said they are not in favour of the introduction of Wifi at 80 stations this summer, with 48% specifically concerned about the privacy of things such as their passwords. 

Virgin Media is to introduce Wifi internet access which will allow travellers to send and receive emails, browse the internet and check the tube service updates when at certain stations and when the trains are stationary in these stations. They will not be able to access this when the trains are in tunnels though. 

“It’s vital that we harness the massive opportunities stemming from the digital revolution,” says London mayor Boris Johnson. 

“Millions of passengers will now be able to connect to their work, friends, or access the latest news and travel information.”

The service will be free initially, but will be adapted in to a pay-as-you-go service eventually. 

Of the 950 people polled in the survey, who were Londoners aged 18 and above, 31% feared it would lead to an increase in theft on the tube service, with 7% concerned about the amount of space that will be taken up if people are using laptops on their journeys. 

Photo: Getty.