New research released today by ‘The Panasonic Domestic Report 2014’ highlights that almost half of London’s residents would do anything they could to avoid vacuuming, ironing and laundry, even though 76% consider themselves to be house-proud.

London was also revealed to be the UK’s most judgemental region, as over half admitted they can’t help but judge others on the cleanliness of their houses. The poll showed that a further 40% would actively avoid spending time at friends’ untidy abodes.

Lack of time was shown to be the main reason behind London’s hesitance to clean, as almost two thirds admitted they’d like to clean more often, but simply struggle to find enough hours in the day.

Others stated they get by with a little help from their friends, with almost half saying they enjoy typical domestic chores when others rally round to help.

TV’s housekeeping expert Aggie MacKenzie said: “Although it’s fantastic that Londoners are keen to take pride in their houses, it’s such a shame they’re struggling to find time to spend on maintaining their own high standards.”

Image credit: Thinkstock