Make sure you always have your Oyster card handy from that date, as the capital’s buses are making the somewhat-controversial switch to cash-free journeys.

The decision follows a ‘considerable drop’ in the number of people paying for their bus fare in cash.

This will be part of adjustments throughout London’s bus system.

Other changes include ‘One More Journey’, which allows passengers with less than a single fare but with some money on their Oyster to travel on one more bus before they add credit to their oyster, adding more ticket shops and training 24,500 TfL employees to “Ensure a consistent approach is taken when dealing with vulnerable passengers.”

Leon Daniels of TfL said: “Customers will not only benefit from a quicker, cheaper and more convenient method of paying their bus fare; it will also enable us to save millions of pounds each year.”

TNT is delighted that this will put an end to watching someone in the bus queue hunt in their bag for ages to find their change. It’s infuriating, it really is.

Image credit: Thinkstock