❚ In 2011, Jodie Foster was one who donated to SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute) after the US government stopped funds. The institute raised more than £130,000 so it could continue the search for alien life.

❚ Lady Gaga, who is petrified of evil spirits, apparently spent £30,000 on ghost-detecting equipment.

❚ Celebrity psychic Sally Morgan charges £150 an hour for her predictions and lists Uma Thurman, George Michael and Mel
B as her clients.

❚ X-Files star Gillian Anderson hired someone to perform a “smudging” ritual after she moved into a house near an Indian burial ground in Vancouver. The rituals cost up to £1000.


The start of the year means it’s time to be tight

Jet off on the cheap
If you’re planning a trip, book during the January sales to save heaps of money on your travels. Bmibaby ( are offering European flights from as little as £19.99. Winter’s not looking so depressing after all.

Get the cheapest taxis
Booking in advance makes taxi fares a lot less painful, and you can get the best rates online, through cab fare comparison sites like So that means more money for booze. Hurrah!

Avoid high roaming charges abroad
A cheeky new app, Vyke, has been released to cut roaming charges completely for android users abroad. You’ll be alerted to potential data roaming charges and asked to connect to WiFi when you arrive, plus the app lets you text for 4p and WiFi call for 1p per minute.


%TNT Magazine% bryant

Dan Bryant: 23
Job PR: Red Dog Comms
From: Romford, Essex
Lives: Vauxhall

How do you budget?
I’ve a spreadsheet set up to document all my outgoings, so I can see where my money is going – but I don’t update that often enough! I always try to think ahead though about what’s coming out (haircuts, train, food) and see what’s left to spend on socialising.

Any money-saving tips for living in London?
Cycling. Two trips a day on the Tube adds up to £80 a month, so get a bike through your company with the government’s cycle to work scheme – it’s tax-free and you can pay in installments. Plus, it’s so much quicker than the train.

Last big blow-out?
It was my girlfriend’s birthday last month, so I splurged on a trip to Paris. What non-essential items do you spend money on?
Depends how essential you class going to the pub!