In South Africa it is known as ‘Ching Chong Cha’ in Norway they call it ‘Stein Saks Papir’ and in Thailand simply as ‘Janji’.  Whatever it is called, Rock Paper Scissors is played with the same passion and energy all around the world.

The International Rock Paper Scissors Championship is being held at The Green Man pub on Saturday 16 April and will witness 128 competitors representing countries all around the world do battle with rocks, paper and scissors over a series of seven knockout rounds.  

The organisers are hoping the event will reflect the incredible diversity of cultures and backgrounds in London and across the UK to create a truly international atmosphere.  There are already representative from countries including Wales, Mexico, Sweden and even the Vatican City.

Wacky Nation Event Director, Sally Raynes says: “We really want to see the championships embraced with a global spirit.  As London is arguably the most diverse city in the world when it comes to nationalities and cultures it would be amazing to see the event have an international flavour to rival the Olympics. It would be great for entrants to choose a country they have some link with, no matter how tenuous but we also want to encourage entrants to fly the flag for far off countries that are never heard about or make the news. Who knows it could be Kiribati or Micronesia that is celebrating success on the world sporting stage on the 16th April.’’

The sport involves two competitors at a time throwing rock, paper or scissors.  The outcome is decided on what symbol was shown.  Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock and scissors beats paper.  Each match is a best out of three.  But it is not a straight-forward as throwing a rock or paper and hoping you win.

Rock Paper Scissors is an extremely tactical sport harnessing skills and talents from across other sports: the showmanship of boxing, the analysis and deep-thinking of Chess and unbridled tension of the 100 metres.  Throw in some reverse psychology and plenty of mock arrogance and rock paper scissors is arguably the most exciting sport in the world.  It’s not just about fitness and a game plan; it’s much crazier than that!

The grand prize is a cool £100 + medal + bottle of champers – not to mention a bucket load of respect as the de-facto World Champion.  Potential competitors are encouraged to get their name and country down early to avoid disappointment.

The night itself promises to be a sporting extravaganza with the flags and costumes from 128 nations and decibels ramped up to impossibly insane levels.  Who knows the final could be South Africa versus Argentina or Russia versus Australia.  

If you would like to find out more information and entry details go to . The contest will run at the Green Man (Pub), 1 Poultry, London, EC2R 8EJ, Saturday 16 April. 

For more information Sally Raynes can be contacted on 01884 255896 and at