I’m considering travelling to India, but I’m unsure of how long I should plan for. Any advice on the best places to see and how long I should stay there for would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Kristina, via email

India is such a diverse and enormous country that you could spend anything from two weeks to two years there and still have more to see.

My recommendation would be that if you are thinking of travelling for two weeks or less, then it’s best to focus on one region. This will allow you to experience some of India’s incredible culture, wildlife, cuisine and beaches without losing a lot of time travelling to different corners of one of the world’s largest countries.

Also, as each part of India has its own distinct character, you won’t want to whiz through anywhere! However, my advice would be to allow at least a month. A large proportion of international flights go to the major cities, Delhi or Mumbai, so plan to start and end your trip in these locations.

Begin with a week in the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, taking in the sights of Delhi’s Red Fort and the stunning Taj Mahal. From Agra, hop on a train to Varanasi, a stunning city located on the Ganges. You might also like to spend some time in the cities of Pushkar and Udaipur before continuing to Kochi, in India’s laid-back region of Kerala.

From here, spend time taking in Kerala’s fabulous beaches, green hills and tranquil backwaters. An overnight train goes to Goa, from where you can go north to cosmopolitan and chaotic Mumbai before heading home.

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