The sad part is people who are enthusiastic about the game spread the news that all online casinos are a fraud. However, that’s not the case.

Prevention is always better than cure. And, when it concerns hundreds or even thousands of bucks, you should take extra precaution. Experts believe that you can avoid online casino scams if you lookout for a few telling signs. These are easy even for a first-timer to understand.

Money withdrawal system

No matter what the bonus offer is, you should always check the review of the site’s money withdrawal system before registering. Existing players may complain about the types of games and user interface, but they shouldn’t complain about the money withdrawal process. If they do, it is a red flag for the site, meaning you should avoid it without second thoughts.

On the contrary, websites like live casino specify the terms and conditions of deposit and withdrawal right before you register. If you have any questions, you can contact their ever-present customer support team.

Check the license

Is the online casino licensed? That’s the first thing you should consider before signing up. Ideally, the website should have a license in its own country. However, since many countries have not yet legalized online casinos, they may obtain a permit from several other places, such as:

1.      Isle of Man, Malta, or Gibraltar.

2.      Curacao, Costa Rice, or a few parts of Central America and the Caribbean.

3.      Quebec’s Kahnawake Indian reservation.

4.      The United Kingdom.

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the website to see all the legal information like license number, details of various software programs, and the products it offers.

Check the software

The software used by the online casino also indicates whether they’re fraudulent or not. But, it may not be easy for everyone to understand if the software is ideal unless you are a software engineer. So, you can use a hack here. Scroll down to the end of the home page and see the copyright on the software. This shows the name and details of the software the site uses.

Note down or copy the name and check it on Google. See what software engineers say about that application. Does it have enough credibility to safeguard the account details of players? What are the reviews of the software? Study everything in detail. This will give you an idea of the site is genuine or fraud.

Check the reputation of the casino

It takes years to build a strong reputation, but it only takes a few unhappy players to ruin it. So, before registering to a new casino site, don’t forget to go through player reviews. You won’t find a shortage of online casino forums and review sites. See if they mention the website you want to sign up for. Alternatively, you can type the name of the website on Google and search for online reviews. A reputable website will have loyal players who will vouch for the site’s goodwill.

Slow payment issues

Another red flag that you should keep an eye on is complaints regarding slow pays from the online casino website. While doing your research, you should specifically look for payment update news from players. Are they complaining that their payment gets delayed every time? Does it show pending even after a few days? These are warning signs that don’t speak in favor of the casino.

Every reputable site mentions the number of days within which players should expect their payment if they wish to make a withdrawal. For example, you may find that the casino credits your money in the bank account within seven or ten working days. The pending status shows as processing for the first few days, and soon they deposit the money in your bank account. Casinos that leave players’ money in pending status means they don’t have a smooth payment system.

What if the site never pays you at all? You may lose a significant amount of money and not get it back in the future. The longer your fund stays in the pending status, the higher the chances of the casino scamming you instead of giving you the money that’s rightfully yours.

Closing accounts without any notice

Many players complain that their casino account on a specific site got sealed all of a sudden. They couldn’t log in using their existing username and password. It’s as if their account never existed. When you see complains like these, it is better to stay away from such casino websites. Even if the number of people who are complaining is few, you need to give them more credence because maybe other users did not experience it. But, what if you are the next victim?

You may question why did the casino close someone’s account without informing them? The most obvious answer is they did not want them to withdraw their winning payout amount. Many players tend to accumulate their payouts so that when they withdraw, it seems like a massive sum of money. Sometimes, it can work against them if they are playing in an online casino that scams people. When they can’t afford to pay a significant sum of money to a single player, they often delete their account.

Losing money because of not doing a background check is like axing the branch you are sitting on. Yes, there are scammers everywhere. Money is everything they care for, even if it means scamming people. But you can at least make sure that you stay away from them by following a few basic safety rules.