There are some people who just don’t get it, they don’t understand what it is that makes you down. The fact is they do get it, they do understand, and they have just chosen happiness and peace as their path, and it is a path of very little resistance when you confidently choose to follow it.

The issue of weight

Weight is something that many people all over the world are not happy with. It is easy to look in the mirror and call yourself fat and think there is nothing more you can do about it. But again, it is a matter of choice and it is up to you whether you stay what you call fat or do something. Losing weight is a choice as is using a particular product such as Idealica to help you reach your weight goal. But the first secret to personal happiness is the be comfortable in your own skin and then only change to improve on comfortable. Don’t lose weight to lose weight, lose weight to get even happier in your own skin than you are now.


We can surround ourselves with many friends or very few. Studies show that those with lots of friends may look happy on the outside, but it is those with fewer friends that are happier still. The right people in your life will make you happy on the inside and again this is a choice. You are living your life and you can choose who you want on your journey. If you have friends that always have problems, always have drama and always have something to worry about or blame you can do much better. Watch out for clingy, possessive friends who want your life just because you are happy. The leaches may seem like wonderful people and even seem like good friends, but they drain your happiness by using it for themselves.

Sleeping isn’t being lazy

The happiest people in the world are the ones who know the secret of sleep. Our bodies and our minds are like batteries and they need recharging often. There is a reason why night-time and the hours of darkness are so long. The reason is that we need to sleep. Sleeping is not being lazy, clever people know that sleeping a good 8 hours a day is very much the source of their happiness. You cannot be happy if you are tired, so listen to your body and sleep when it tells you to.

Water the elixir of life

Finally, the real secret to personal happiness is water. Our bodies are 75% water and just like our energy levels that need sleep to recharge we also need water to be 100% happy. Water is so good, if you can cut out coffee, sugary drinks, and even milk and replace it with pure, fresh water you will see your mood improve dramatically. When this happens, you will know that life is good and simply because you made a great choice among many choices out there.