McAlpine will take the unprecedented action against Sally Bercow, the wife of the Speaker of the Commons, and George Monbiot, a columnist for the Guardian among others,  reports The Telegraph.

His solicitor Andrew Reid, said the “nasty” tweets would “cost people a lot of money”, warning the guilty parties: “We know who you are.”

He added: “Twitter is not just a closed coffee shop among friends. It goes out to hundreds of thousands of people and you must take responsibility for it.

“It is not a place where you can gossip and say things with impunity, and we are about to demonstrate that.”

The BBC has already agreed to pay Lord McAlpine damages of £185,000 plus costs over a Newsnight report of Nov 2 which led many to believe he was a paedophile.

McAlpine said he had been “shattered” when his name was “spread all over the world” adding “Suddenly to find yourself a figure of public hatred — unjustifiably — is terrifying.”

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