Memorable mainly for its energy and a nastily charismatic West End debut from Stewart Clarke, this geeks vs. jocks musical treads well-worn paths with the added dimension of the school computer nerd trying to beat big business in a race to be the first to make computers communicate with each other.

A collaboration between James Bourne (formerly of boyband Busted) and Elliot Davis, it’s  all harmless stuff, set in 1971, as the school nerds, hooked on Star Trek and headed by Aaron Sidwell’s bespectacled computer whiz Michael Dork, finally get the girls of their dreams and successfully send the first e-mail.

It’s as undemanding as High School Musical, the tunes predominantly indistinguishable and the plot – with new girl Holly wanting to be admired for her brainiac credentials rather than her deliberately drabbed-down looks – predictable.

But Francis O’Connor’s jokey spiral notebook design adds a clever touch of wit, the choreography is lively and the performances enthusiastic in a production which will probably appeal mainly to the very young rather than the young at heart.

Garrick, Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0HH
Leicester Square tube
Till 2nd March
£10 – £49.50


Photo: Tristam Kenton