HOW TO: Do V Day on a budget

1. Skip the posh restaurants and get your own eatery under the stars – preparing a picnic or having a barbie by the beach ensures you avoidthe crowds and get bonus points for preparing thefood.
2. Avoid noisy (and expensive) bars, cinemas and theatres, instead opt for a romantic moonlit walk, ending at a particularly scenic, and secluded, spot where you can get to know each other a little better (nudge, nudge).
3. Make a present/card. It may look like shit but it’s the thought that counts, yeah?
4. Something cheap is always better received when it’s a pleasant surprise, so meet that special someone at work/their place before whisking them off.
5. Borrow a surfboard and spend the day making fools of yourself as you try and teach yourselves how to surf (read – frolicking in the waves).
6. Check local listings guides to see if any bars have got free live music or if there are any events on at local parks/beaches.
7.Spice up a standard sight-seeing trip by playing truth or dare at every stop-off. It’s advisable to have a box of goon on hand for Dutch courage.
8.Comedy over quality – agree you can only buy each other presents from 
charity shops.

How to: Pull an Aussie bloke

A quick poll of some of TNT’s Aussie mates shows that when it comes to L.O.V.E. (or at least joining in with some team push-ups), the native male may be even less complicated than previously thought. An Aussie staff member who should probably remain nameless (because he’s the boss) said the way to win him over was a straight-forward: “‘esky’ full of coldies, mate!” Another said the key to his heart/bedroom was in this simple phrase: “Hello – I’m addicted to sex, my bi-sexual twin sister is just as hot as me and my dad owns a pub!” And some say romance is dead.