To a generation of Brits, Little is Joe Mangel,  the Erinsborough native fond of canine chums.

Or he was the Britpop era presenter of the Big Breakfast on Channel 4, when morning TV was cool and counter-culture.

He is though also, and was long before either of these admittedly pretty polar opposite accomplishments, a highly innovative stand-up comic-slash-performance artist. And his latest show #SecretMeetings illustrates this oh-so well!

Mixing scything political commentary, at look at societal and cultural woes circa Britain 2015 with nudity perhaps and, quite possibly ,the burning of effigies, it is a show unlike many others.  Don’t let his laid back comic demeanour have you thinking otherwise. 

He’s embarked on a six-week run of ‘meetings’ in London and, we fully expect anything and everything to happen. The world will be shocked, surprised, and possibly a little sore from laughing. 

When: Mar 5, 12, 19 & 26 / 9.15pm
Where: The Museum of Comedy, The Undershaft, WC1A2SR
Cost: £10
Tube: Holborn