Ryan Cleary, the 19-year-old arrested as an alleged LulzSec hacking “mastermind” is still being held by the Metropolitan Police, however his true status within the organisation is unclear.

LulzSec say Cleary hosted a few chatrooms and their website encyclopediadramatica.ch on his server and was not, as is being reported, the brains behind the computer hacking group.

“Ryan Cleary is not part of LulzSec; we house one of our many legitimate chatrooms on his IRC server, but that's it,” the group tweeted.

LulzSec deny thie leader arrested in Essex

However Ryan's arrest may still cause problem for LulzSec in that his computers – seized by authorities – may contain details that the FBI will use to track those really behind the Sony, the UK”s Serious Organised Crime Agency and the US Senate.

UK papers have named the alleged hacker as Ryan Cleary, of Wickford, Essex.

Police sources said they believe he is "a major player" within LulzSec.

Cleary was arrested at his mum’s Essex bungalow where he apparently carried out his Lulz Sec hacking. His mum told The Sun Ryan was agoraphobic and has a history of mental illness.

The teenager’s half-brother told the paper: "Ryan used to be part of WikiLeaks. He has upset someone doing that and they made a Facebook page having a go at him."

Ryan Cleary was arrested by members of Scotland Yard's e-crime unit acting on intelligence from the FBI.

Because LulzSec attacked websites belonging to the US Senate, CIA and FBI there are fears that Cleary could face extradition to the US where he will face charges.

Meanwhile, LulzSec claims to have taken down the official pages of the Brazilian Government and the President's office.

In a tweet in early today, LulzSecBrazil wrote: "TANGO DOWN brasil.gov.br & presidencia.gov.br"

Another Twitter message from the main LulzSec page added: "Our Brazilian unit is making progress. Well done @LulzSecBrazil, brothers!"

Here's Sky's report of Cleary's arrest.

Comments on the mainsteam media's reporting of LulzSec have been fairly damning.

"Well one good thing about this report is that that was the most hilariously accurate description? of a DDOS attack I've heard. Like trying to get 15 fat guys through a revolving door' indeed," said one Youtube user.