Bringing London’s poultry-loving boys and girls, just what they need, Ma’ Plucker serves up the very breast (see what we did there), Southern chicken, served three ways. With a side serving of R&B, a hefty portion of soul, and sauces, Ma’ Plucker isthe golden egg of chicken stops.

On arrival, guests are given a #3waychicken menu, that outlines how they can then combine these recipes, to rustle up their very own perfect poultry plates, in three easy steps…

Step 1 – guests must choose a base of either Freshly plucked salad, a House bun or a Maple Waffle.

Step 2 – guests must choose a sauce. Options include MP Chicken skin gravy, Chipotle chili Sauce, Kansas BBQ, Herb dressing, or Maple chili glaze.

Step 3 – choose your chick-chick-chicken, from Chili rubbed and Roasted rotisserie to Crispy and coated buttermilk dipped, Slow and low spicy pulled, or, for those who favour cheese over chicken, Crispy coated halloumi. Three different portion sizes will be available for each option, and prices will start from £6 for chicken, and £4.50 for cheese.

A Short rib sub option is also available, in addition to a selection of Southern side orders such as Pickles, Ma’s slaw, Crack & cheese (deep-fried mac and cheese), Collard greens and of course, French fries. For dessert, guests can either get stuck into a home-made Sweet ‘n’ salty popcorn or Cornflake and caramel sundae, or, enjoy a slice of all-American pie.

Now, mamma rules a strict hen house, but based in Soho, ‘cock’tails are of course compulsory, and boy, does mamma make a mean frozen Margarita, and ballsy boozy ice tea. N.B…no free chicken ‘strips’ will be given.



Address: 75 Beak Street, Soho, London, W1F 2SS


Opening hours:  Sunday – Tuesday: 12pm – 11pm, Wednesday – Saturday: 12pm – 12am