Hooper was fortunate enough to miss just one game after receiving a one week suspension for hitting the Argentinian player in the Rugby Championship clash back in July.

There was disagreement over the incident with team management insisting that Hooper had not punched Sanchez, but shoved him to the ground, a reaction to being held back. 

Hooper’s team mates were angry that he had a case to answer to.

 Hooper seems to have no intention of returning the debate, but he made comment regarding a crackdown on soccer-type behaviour in rugby.

 “I think it was a rule that was (introduced) before the competition started that there wasn’t going to be any of that,” he said in the Sydney Morning Herald.

 “It’s not something that’s crossing our mind, that’s for certain. We’re just playing our game.

 “I don’t think I need any more fire than what is already (there) with the task at hand. It’s a World Cup semi-final and we want to win.”

 World Rugby issued instruction last month, urging referees to clamp down on simulation with yellow cards.