Weiner was ready to get back to production following the success of the fourth season but US network AMC decided to introduce four new shows including Breaking Bad.

The fifth series was also said to be put on ice over contract disagreements. Weiner was reportedly in a dispute with his employers at AMC over money.

“I was not happy about it. I did not understand it,” he told British newspaper The Sunday Times.

“In the end, it turned out to be a great decision, because Breaking Bad got to go on in the summer, when we were usually on, and they finally got the audience they deserved. So I can’t argue with it. But that is what happened.”

Meanwhile, January Jones says her Mad Men character has led people to believe she is a bad mother in real life.

Jones plays the role of housewife Betty Francis, formerly Draper, in the show. In one episode Betty was seen slapping her daughter across the face.

The 34-year-old actress says she is a good mother to her seven-month-old son Xander Dane. She also thinks people judge Betty too harshly as a mother.

“I used to have more people come up to me in series one and two, and they were a bit more sympathetic to Betty. I guess when she was more internal with her feelings, you pitied her more,” she told the paper.

“Lately, though, through series three and four, the fans are scared of Betty a bit more – most people are just shielding me from their children.

“Betty has become sort of villainised now, strange to say. When you play an unlikeable character, you might not get as recognised for it. And last season was revolving around Don’s bachelorhood and the company. It wasn’t as focused on Betty and the changes in her life as much.”

Christina Hendricks admits feeling anxious about the new season.

The actress, who portrays Joan Holloway on the show, admits feeling nervous while negotiations were on-going.

“There was never any panic, though there’s a certain level of anxiety that comes from not knowing when you’re going to start shooting again as opposed to if. I never had any real doubts,” she told Look magazine.

Although Hendricks loves portraying Joan, she says fans of the show shouldn’t confuse her with her character. She is nothing like the formidable secretary in real life.

“I’m much more mild-mannered,” she laughed. “Joan can be so confrontational and frightening when she’s angry. You wouldn’t want to cross her!”