Johnson, who is himself a Classics scholar, said: “I think he was only pretending. I think he knew full well what Magna Carta means.

After the recent ‘Plebgate’ storm, the Tories are at pains to demonstrate their down-to earth credentials to voters.

“It was a brilliant move in order to show his demotic credentials and that he didn’t have Latin bursting out of every orifice.” added Johnson, who was a contemporary of the Prime MInister at Eton and Oxford University.

Cameron was stumped when Letterman asked him who composed ‘Rule Britannia,’ going for Edward Elgar, when the real answer is Thomas Arne.

The London Mayor didn’t demonstrate much better general knowledge during his appearance on LBC 97.3 radio show. When quizzed on the more ‘everyman’ topic of the 1996 World Cup, he incorrectly claimed that Bobby Moore had scored a hattrick.

Mr Johnson’s remarks about David Cameron highlights what is seen as a growing rift between the Prime Minister and the London Mayor, who is a potential rival as a future Conservative leader.


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