“What we’ve seen is that sharing equal responsibility for work in the home doesn’t necessarily contribute to contentment,” said Thomas Hansen, a co-author of the “Equality in the Home” study.

Also, instead of people being happier when they share the household workload, it’s quite the opposite.

 “One would think that break-ups would occur more often in families with less equality at home, but our statistics show the opposite,” Hansen told The Telegraph.

The study basically shows that the more a bloke does in the home, the more likely he’s going to be single.

 “Maybe it’s sometimes seen as a good thing to have very clear roles with lots of clarity … where one person is not stepping on the other’s toes,” he suggested.

“There could be less quarrels since you can easily get into squabbles if both have the same roles and one has the feeling that the other is not pulling his or her own weight.”

But before women put a ‘no boys allowed’ sign on the broom cupboard, the real reason behind break-ups is the nature and values of modern relationships.

“In modern couples, women also have a high level of education and a well-paid job, which makes them less dependent on their spouse financially,” Hansen says.

“They can manage much easier if they divorce.”