Fried chicken, like in the rest of Africa, is extremely popular, but in Lilongwe and Blantyre you will find almost any form of fast food.

Some restaurants offer good sit-down meals with various ethnic themes, but pork is hard to come by due to strong Muslim sentiments.

Malawi is well known for its ‘tuck shops’ in rural areas selling meat pies, cookies, sausage rolls, deep fried fish and ‘bunny chow’ (rolls deep fried in vegetable oil stuffed with curry meat and potato mix).

Traditional Malawian food is a porridge-like maize dish called nsima (pronounced n’SEE-ma). The maize porridge is rolled into balls and dipped into stew


A local aromatic version of gin and tonic called MGT (Malawi Gin and Tonic) is extremely popular and surprisingly drinkable.

Local beers are brewed in Blantyre by Carlsberg.

The Malawi Distilleries produces local vodka and coffee liqueur.

One of the traditional drinks is the non-alcoholic mahewu, a yogurty beverage made from maize and available in banana, chocolate and orange flavours.


You can drink tap water in towns like Lilongwe, Blantyre, Zomba and Mzuzu. If you’re not sure, boil it first. Bottled water is widely available.