That’s right, folks. We thought it left a slightly bitter taste when we told you last week about Indian woman Rekha Nagvanshi, who got away with urinating in her parents-in-law’s tea for a year until she was eventually caught squatting over the pot.

But 34-year-old Robert John Lind has topped the lot with the dishonourable discharge which landed him in court on a misdeameanour rap after more serious charges were dropped through lack of evidence.

A court heard that the woman had had an ongoing issue with the unpleasant taste of her coffee at the New Brighton hardware store where the pair worked. It eventually became apparent that Lind had brought his own hardware into play when she caught him near her desk with his hands near his genitals and a “deer in the headlights” expression.

CBS Local reported that the victim then noticed “a large amount of clear liquid on top of her desk” and saw that her hair scrunchie had “absorbed a lot of the liquid”.

The woman said that her desk and coffee cup had had a strong odour resembling urine, but different – matching the taste she had noticed in her coffee.

According to court documents, Lind told investigators that he liked the victim and was attracted to her. He had ejaculated on her desk and in her coffee because “he thought it was a way to get (the victim) to notice him,” said the documents.

Lind admitted jizzing into his workmate’s coffee on at least two occasions and over her desk on a further six occasions over a six-month-period. He is due to be sentenced on May 22.