David Canterbury walked in to a Toys R us store in Portland, Oregon, and grabbed a toy lightsaber off the shelf. He then proceeded to take swipes at his fellow customers leading the police being called.

But when they arrived and attempted to contain this wannbe Jedi Knight with Tasers ‘the force’ proved too strong as Canterbury managed to successfully deflect their attempts with his Jedi weapon.

According to reports, officers arrived on the scene and were told that three people had been accosted by this errant Jedi, who was said to be using his weapon in the most irresponsible of ways, swinging it around dangerously and shouting incoherently.

After attempts to Taser the man in to submission were rebuffed, police went old school and wrestled Canterbury to the floor.

Portland Police officer Pete Sampson said that he was not wearing an outfit at the time of the incident.

“We believe he used a blue lightsaber but he was not dressed as a Jedi at the time.”

Canterbury pleaded guilty to assault and resisting arrest and received the custodial sentence, two year probation and a mental health examination.

He has also been banned from the toy store. And sci-fi and comics conventions too, presumably.