The 1562 painting entitled ‘Portrait of a Nobleman with Duelling Gauntlet’ looks remarkably similar to Galuppo, except for the doublet, bright red tights and codpiece… or the horrendous tie-dye t-shirt.

The concept of the Doppelganger (meaning in Germany “double walker”) is one that has been around for centuries and historically was seen in folklore as being a representation of evil or misfortune.

Many famous poets, writers and even a US President or two have come upon their Doppelganger’s or those of a loved one at a time of crisis or personal misfortune, including Percy Shelley, John Donne and Abraham Lincoln.

For Max Galuppo the event has provided a welcome chance to grab a quick fifteen minutes of fame, going so far as to even dress up in period costume and posing next to his oil and canvas double.

I wouldn’t have said Max Galuppo was any sort of oil painting but then again what do I know?