A mystery gamer set up a server with 16 bots playing each other to test the game’s instinctive artificial intelligence would help advance the bots’ tactics and killing skills.

When he came back to the server four years later, rather than finding a bunch of supremely trained assassins or a shedload of scattered body parts amidst the carnage, he found the final four bots stood facing each other. No fighting, no blood. In fact they had decided to give up on violence altogether for a peaceful future.

When the gamer, who posted his experiments on 4Chan, returned to the game himself, the four continued to stand around, moving only to stare at him. But when he fired a shot, it was a different story.

“They all ran for the nearest weapons, took me down and the server crashed,” he said.

Which surely proves – pretty conclusively – that violence breeds violence. If only life would imitate art….