Mowgli, a two-year old tomcat, narrowly escaped a brutal injury as the unidentified man span him around, with his head coming inches from the pavement.

His owner Michelle Buchanan appealed for anyone who knows the man to come forward. She said: “What happened is horrific. I just can’t believe that there is anyone out there who would want to do this.”

“This guy thinks he has got away with it but he must be stopped and held accountable.”

The attack lasted over 30 seconds and has left Mowgli “distraught”, said Buchanan. Her cat has not left the flat since.

It happened outside The Camden Arms pub in Ramsgate, Kent, above the flat where the 43-year-old IT teacher lives.

Lynne Jarvis, 62, who lives next door to Buchanan, witnessed the attack. She confronted the youth and his friends who were encouraging him.

She said: “I heard a demonic laugh and a commotion and looked outside to see someone swinging something around. At first I thought it was a black cardigan but then I realised it was Mowgli.

“I put my boots and my dressing gown on and screamed and swore at them, shouting that they were cruel and evil so-and-so’s.

“I think I shocked them because I’m not a pretty sight that early in the morning and they probably weren’t expecting a pensioner to use the sort of language I did.

“He dropped the cat and they all ran off down the street.”

The police have been informed but no arrests have been made yet.