The captain, who piloting an A320 Airbus, said he saw a “rugby-ball” shaped UFO on the left-hand side of the jet as he was flying over Berkshire.

He added that given the object’s speed, he was certain that it was going to crash into him, but it luckily ducked as it got closer.

Aviation Authorities have opened up an investigation into the incident, but are unable to determine just what the flying object was. Their report recalls exactly what the pilot saw, although they are not able to release his name or specifics about the plane.

Upon sighting the mysterious object and navigating the close-call, the pilot immediately contacted air traffic controllers. He said the object was the shape of a rugby ball, and was bright silver.

The UK Airprox Board, which investigates near-misses in the skies, discovered that there were no other aircraft in the sky at the time and ruled out the possibility that it could have been meteorological balloons or military craft.

National Air Traffic Control Services have admitted in the past that they get reports of UFOs from pilots around once a month.

Image credit: Thinkstock