Fans left tributes and handwritten messages to the King of Pop’s children at the house, which Jackson’s body was found in June 2009 after he took a lethal dose of propofol.

Hundreds of paintings, ornaments and pieces of furniture will be auctioned from the home, including the bed his body was found in.

The bed’s ornate headboard was removed from the sale at the request of the Jackson family.

Other items include a Victorian baby grant piano and a kitchen chalkboard where his children wrote the message: “I love daddy.”

Many of the items do not have a personal connection with the Thriller singer, but auctioneers are anticipating a high turn out at Saturday’s sale.

Auctioneer Darren Julien said: “Even though these weren’t items that belonged to him, they were items that surrounded him in the final months of his life. Anything associated with Michael Jackson is highly collectible.”

Last week a gambling website bought clumps of Jackson’s hair that was left in a hotel plughole in the 1980s for $11,000, and made it into a roulette ball.

Jackson’s bedroom mirror is among items for sale in this auction – scrawled in felt pen with “Train, perfection March April Full out May”, which may be a reference to the This Is It concerts Jackson was set to perform the summer he died.

Julien added: “The pieces that are really going to sell for a lot are the items that can be identified as having an association with Michael Jackson, like the armoire in his private bedroom where he handwrote on the mirror.”

Dr Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter or gross negligence and sentenced to four years behind bars after admitting he had given Jackson the drug propofol to help him sleep.