In the north-west and south-east of England winds as fierce as 70mph will combine with heavy rain over the next 48 hours, but horrible conditions are expected at towns and cities in between.

There’s also a strong chance of snow or sleet as temperatures will remain at about 5C until Wednesday. Many spots will feel colder beacuse of wind chill.

Just so we don’t forget where we’re living, blustery showers will also continue until Wednesday.

Winds will whip up again on Thursday evening and they’re expected to be stronger than Monday and Tuesday with gusts of 70-80mph gusts.

Wind speeds of up to 165mph were recorded during the worst of the storm that hit Scotland and northern England last week, bringing down trees and power lines, causing disruption to roads and closing schools.

However, experts are predicting this week’s bad weather won’t be anywhere near as horrible as that.