Maria Shriver has hired hotshot divorce lawyers as pics of her husband Arnold Schwarzenegger double life were leaked to the press.

The Californian power couple’s marriage broke down after Schwarzenegger admitted an affair with the family’s housekeeper Mildred Baena which produced a lovechild now aged 14.

Shriver 55, has reportedly hired top celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser to help end her 25 year marriage. Wasser has previously represented Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, among many others.

Meanwhile pics leaked to the press show the extent of Schwarzenegger’s double life

In one he poses with Baena and his un-named son in front of a Christmas tree.

In another he dances with Baena at a family party.

Shriver is said to be humiliated by the extent of her 63 year old husband’s deceit which saw Baena expecting the aforementioned lovechild while working in the marital home.

A family friend told the Mirror: “Mildred was at the centre of the househould for two decades. She was invited to Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving and birthdays. She was one of the family.”

“Maria doesn’t just feel betrayed by Arnold, she blames Mildred too. She feels sickened by her behaviour.”

Shriver and Schwarzenegger have four children together.

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