Maria Vittoria Cusumano, one of the leading influencers, entrepreneurs, and managers of an online magazine, inaugurated the Center for Integrated Treatments in Oncology at the Gemelli Polyclinic. In her testimonial with Rosanna Banfi, one of the dignitaries of Komen Italia, Maria said that social awareness is very crucial when it comes to spreading the word against cancer. She believes that the Center for Integrated Treatments in Oncology is just a step in the right direction to fight this life-threatening disease.

Role of Maria in Komen Italia

Maria, through her massive followers on social media sites, is spreading the word of her campaign against cancer. While inaugurating the oncology treatment center, she spoke to many teenagers on why it is so important to lead a healthy lifestyle and use it as a defensive weapon against breast cancer. She used her media and social channels to explain what she said in her testimonial. Maria specifically targeted girls between 15 and 25 and shared various cancer-prevention measures.  

Maria has been a long-time servant of Komen Italia. It was not surprising to see her attend this campaign against cancer. She believes that her contribution to Komen Italia through her social channels will help thousands of teens and young adults to lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent cancer. 

When asked about Komen Italia, Maria said that the organization’s priority is to protect women’s health. She believes that most women are unaware of what will keep them healthy. And Komen Italia is the organization that tries to convey the message to thousands of women. Maria, in many of her posts on social media, pointed out the importance of diagnostic screening for women.

Apart from leading a healthy lifestyle, Maria also advises girls to participate in various sports activities regularly. She urges girls to join karate, play football, or even enroll in dancing lessons. She, along with the other dignitaries of Komen Italia, believes that sports activities can become the first line of defense against breast cancer. Together with a healthy lifestyle, you can stop tumors from growing in your body. 

According to scientific data, breast tumors diagnosed at a very early stage with 1 cm or less in size are very much curable. They have more than 90% chance of recovery if you lead a healthy lifestyle with plenty of physical activities. 

Maria’s views on joining Komen Italia

Maria is a proud member of Komen Italia. She accepted the invitation to become their spokesperson immediately. Maria, through her wide circle in various social channels, used her role as the spokesperson to great effect. She has shared tons of posts on why women need to attend psychological support meetings and participate in activities like mind relaxation and yoga.

Maria enjoys her moment at Komen Italia. She feels that it is a center that welcomes you with open arms all the time. It’s a safe-house for women. And women, who feel they can’t share anything to anyone can consider Komen Italia as their home without any doubt or fear in their minds.