Kasabian (RCA)
Comparisons to Oasis that Kasabian have drawn since they blustered on to the scene look set to continue; supporting their heroes on tour will see to that.

Truth be told, Kasabian have more in common with Primal Scream.

Both bands are shamelessly in thrall to classic rock; both seem desperate to experiment without always having the smarts to do so.

Despite the occasional twist – the strident middle section to Where Did All The Love Go? for instance – the exotically titled West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum is basically just a conservative rock record covered in glitter dust.

The likes of Underdog and Vlad The Impaler go nowhere fast; vocalist Tom Meighan runs through every sneery rock singer stereotype in the book, hardly helped by lyrics that blend incoherence with cliché at every turn.

All told, Kasabian’s third LP is a hugely overhyped rock record.

When you put it like that, those Oasis comparisons seem right on the money.