In order to do this, London will have to employ a number of new technological advancements such as artificial intelligence and solar power. This could be the ideal time to be part of a green start-up company in London.

AI Transport

According to a report from the government website, most pollution in London is caused by road transport along with domestic and commercial heating systems. Tackling the issue of deadly fumes, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides that come from cars, has been high on the list of agendas for London for many years, and there are already some great ideas in place, such as the Ultra Low Emmision Zone. But there is still more that could be done to improve air quality, and the next step may be automated vehicles.

There has already been a move towards electric cars in the UK, with 6.6 percent of new car sales in 2019 being of the environmentally sustainable variety. In the future, these vehicles could move forward a few steps, and many are expecting artificial intelligence to control driverless cars. London could be an ideal city in which these cars could thrive. It would reduce the number of accidents on the roads as well as the amount of pollution.

Solar Powered Buildings