Balotelli’s come clean about the incident in a bid to try and prevent Thompson from making any money by selling her story to newspapers.

Balotelli’s agent Mino Raiola yesterday admitted the player had a “brief involvement” with Jennifer. He described Balotelli as “young and impulsive” and claimed he was a target for girls who “chase” footballers.

“Mario prefers to admit what has happened, has refused any means to try to keep the matter silent and will deal with any consequences his actions bring in the way of public attention,” Raiola said.

The affair seemed unlikely after Balotelli spotted Thompson in a restaurant last year and when she walked past him chanted, “Rooney, Rooney”.

A friend of Thompson’s told the Sun that the callgirl didn’t know the Man City striker had a girlfriend, model Raffaella Fico, when she went back to his mansion to quaff champagne and have sex with him.

“He knew she was the girl who had the threesome with Rooney. But that didn’t put him off at all. He asked her all about it,” the friend said.

“Jenny was stunned Mario was interested in her. Mario was all smiles and charming. He turned it on and Jenny was flattered.

The footie bad boy slept with Jennifer two days before he declared his love for Fico via a T-shirt in front of 47,000 fans.

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