Comedian, political activist, writer and professional Londoner Mark Thomas recounts the story of his trip along the length of the euphemistically named Israeli Separation Barrier or what you and I would call the big, heavily guarded, barbed wire-clad wall between Israel and the West Bank.

The stand-up shows off his well-pitched characterisation of the people he met along the way; whether they are a help or a hindrance, Thomas is careful to walk the line between laughing with them and laughing at them (note carefully, Matt Lucas and David Walliams.)

Often the comedian can be found playing both sides of an altercation, looking every bit as crazy as the people you meet on the night bus at 3 in the morning. But much funnier… and less stabby.

The story of his journey is witty but also shocking, informative and touching in equal measure. Comedy and activism can make for uncomfortable bedfellows, but the honesty with which Mark Thomas injects his work is entertaining, inspiring and most importantly funny.  

One final note of caution if you read the Daily Mail or drive an Audi or enjoy the literature of Jeffery Archer you will not find this show to your liking. For everyone else I would whole-heartedly, unreservedly recommend do your best to catch this guy live whenever you can.


%TNT Magazine% stars 4