Need convincing? Just check out this hilarious Tumblr site which pays homage to ‘the bite of the Berry’

Great British Bake Off is now in it’s third season and has aired 23 episodes so far, so Berry, by her own calculations, will have eaten 1,840 pieces of cake for the cameras.

The remarkably slender 77-year-old said she also eats a lot of salads to stay healthy.

“I’m aware you should have a small slice but I’m never going to stop eating cakes. I love it. When judging, I taste all the cakes. I have a decent piece and something simple for supper. I do try to eat lots of salads.’

Great British Bake Off has become enormously popular, with a peak of 4.6million tuning in each week for inspiration on getting better ‘crumb structure’ and other top tips.

Since the program became such a hit, baking supplies retailers have reported a surge in sales. John Lewis said sales of bread makers increased 70 per cent.