Damon, star of movies such as The Bourne Identity and Ocean’s Eleven, spoke about the issue of asylum-seekers in Australia, which continues to be a hot topic politically.

“When you talk about immigration, everyone is trying to build a bigger fence,” the Hollywood star said to News Corp Australia.

He said that immigration is an issue around the world though and that people are putting their lives at risk globally in pursuit of a better life.

“Whether it is here in Australia or in America, with our history of, not only in Mexico, and people dying in the desert in Arizona, but also people coming from Cuba and the rafts sinking.”

He said that he does not have a solution to the problem though and he suspects part of the reason why it is such a tricky problem for politicians is that they don’t either.

Damon had been in Sydney promoting his new movie Elysium, a sci-fi blockbuster set in the future in which people from a resource-starved world try to escape to a idyllic space station where the rich live in luxury.

Photo: Getty.