The pretty pair have apparently cited that old celeb chestnut, ‘work commitments’, as the reason behind their parting.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “This has come as a surprise to everyone. It was thought they’d be together for a really long time because they were so into each other.

“They always seemed so happy together. Matt was besotted with Daisy and she adored him.”

While Daisy’s modelling career has rocketed in recent months – including some racy shoots posing topless for Esquire and naked for Playboy – Matt has been filming the Doctor Who Christmas special and a new film, Bert and Dickie.

The twosome had been together 18 months and Matt was not shy of professing his adoration of Daisy to the press, telling reporters he was “smitten”.

However, the unnamed source added that Matt had seemed to become “uncomfortable” at the mention of marriage recently.

“He’s still a young man and the thought of being tied down was a lot to digest,” the source reportedly told The Sun.

There has been no comment on the split from either camp.