Ryan Giggs’ alleged affair with ex Big Brother star Imogen Thomas may have never come to light if he hadn’t taken out a super injunction, Max Clifford said.

The PR guru claimed that the irony of the situation was that Thomas never intended to sell her story in the first place and that Giggs’ legal action only drew attention to the possible existence of a story.

Clifford, who has been advising  Thomas throughout the controversy told ITV1’s Daybreak programme: ”I will see what she wants to do but, because of the previous conversations, I know that she never had any intention of selling her story.“

”She came to me because she wanted to make sure the story didn’t come out, and I told her ‘Phone Ryan Giggs and warn him that The Sun are looking into this, and knocking on your door, because if you don’t talk, and Ryan Giggs doesn’t talk, no-one will know’.”

 ”And that’s the irony of it – if Ryan Giggs hadn’t taken out a super-injunction, probably we wouldn’t know what had been going on. It’s only because of that, and of course the fact that, in that super-injunction that he got to protect his privacy and that of his family, he named Imogen, that the whole thing started down that trail that led to it coming out in Parliament yesterday. “

”If he hadn’t taken out a super-injunction, no-one would probably have known about this relationship.”

Giggs was named in the Commons yesterday byLiberal Democrat MP John Hemming to name him as the married Premier League player who took out an injunction over alleged affair with Thomas.

Though most major newspapers have named Giggs, judges have refused to lift the gagging order preventing them from legally publishing his name.

Yesterday Prime Minister Cameron told ITV1’s Daybreak that banning newspapers from naming such stars while the information was widely available on social networking sites was both “unsustainable” and “unfair”.

Ryan Giggs named as footballer behind super injunction